APRIL 19th to 22nd, 2017

Read and relax 
Festival Memories

“A festival with events held in one of Canada’s excellent independent bookstores, on what is one of Canada’s most charming main streets, in one of Canada’s most interesting counties. A pretty great combo."

Stuart Mclean

“I remember a crowded room in a house where one was rushed aside to take in some home-cooking - and friendly, welcoming faces, thoughtful attention and when I finally took my turn to read, to talk, there was laughter in all the right places.”

Wayson Choy


Twenty years have come and gone, and what years they have been. The Prince Edward County Authors Festival was a small idea that grew from its strong roots in Milford back in 1996.

This year was our most successful festival yet!

We want to applaud the wonderful local media: 99.3 County FM, the Picton Gazette, the Wellington Times and County Live. A big thank you goes to Lynn Pickering, Vanessa Pandos and JJ Johnson for their support on and off the air.

As always, our sponsors keep us in good financial stead and without them there would be no festival. (All our sponsors are listed below.)

We are humbled by the tributes that the festival has received from authors and storytellers.

A special thank you to our enthusiastic partners at County Reads, Prince Edward Learning Centre, County of Prince Edward Public Library & Archives, St. Mary Magdalene Church, Prince Edward Collegiate Institute, C.M.L. Snider School, Queen Elizabeth Public School, Pinecrest Memorial Elementary School, St. Gregory Catholic School, and all our volunteers.

Perhaps most importantly, we thank each and every one of you, the members of our community who came out in support of the Prince Edward County Authors Festival. We live in a community of readers and thinkers. For this privilege we are truly grateful.